Need advice for buying a new laptop: i5 or i7

I'm a college student and am going to buy a new laptop and I was looking at these: . My primary reason to buy is because in my previous laptop I couldn't play games. So I want this one to be a good gaming laptop. I'll be playing fifa, nfs on it, also assassin's creed, maybe skyrim and maybe crysis too. but other than that my major is computer science so I'll be doing programming, running virtual machines on it etc. I'll be watching movies as well. (Too bad they don't offer a fhd screen in india.) And all that's day-to-day stuff for me. No video editing but I do use photoshop sometimes. I was looking at second and last ones in that link. i7 seems to be a bit expensive but is it worth spending money looking at my usage? Also it's 2.2ghz while i5 is 2.5 and has more ram too. so please, give some advice...
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  1. Budget?!
  2. amuffin said:

    60k rupees. At max. I looked at xps 15z also but it gets out of budget. xps15 seems great so far but confused about processor.
  3. rajatgupta59 said:
    60k rupees. At max. I looked at xps 15z also but it gets out of budget. xps15 seems great so far but confused about processor.

    Uh i don't know how much 60k rupees is in dollars. But if you want to game you might want to look at asus g series. The g74sx i believe is within your budget.
  4. i5 is good processor and just make sure that your lappy has good gpu and it is full hd
  5. pell380 said:
    i5 is good processor and just make sure that your lappy has good gpu and it is full hd

    What do you say about these:
  6. if your thinking you want gaming then dont waste your time buying a lappy. you will never get your moneys worth. if you dont need mobility but want to play games than desktop all the way... there cheaper and you get a lot more for your money...
    for instance a 1200 pound alienware will get you similar performance to a 500 pound selfbuild and probably wont match it in the gfx department...

    oh it has a 555m nvidia gfx card in it... thats almot 560 terittory isnt it.... NO! your looking at very similar performance to an old 88gt ie minimum recomended spec for bf3... now if you spend the same money on a desktop ie 1200 you will get a pc better than in my sig. and max out games like bf3

    so no m8 if i want to play games and i dont need to be mobile. i would get a desktop. even if i have a teeny room, i would get a desktop... there just better value all round.
  7. ASUS G53SX-XR1
  8. I agree with HEXiT if all you want for this laptop is to play games then you are much better off playing on a desktop. Building or buying a desktop will give you much more preformance because you won't be limited by a core i7 "mobile processor" you also won't have to worry about battery life, and just about everything can be upgraded later for a larger boost.

    But if you are dead set on a laptop, then I would recommend the G74SX-TH71 from Tiger-Direct

    This laptop is a pretty well rounded with a Quad-core i7 (2.2ghz-2.8) 12gigs of ram, 3GDDR5 GTX 560m gpu (again mobile version), a 7200 rpm 500 gig hard drive, USB 3.0, HDMI, and a 1600x900 display (17 inches).

    This Monstrous laptop is currently on sale for $1,199.99. The only downsides is the short amount of battery life, the weight and the sheer size (too big for normal 17 inch bags) I think these are small price for such a strong laptop...
  9. Let me clarify one thing here: I'm not a hard core gamer. I like to play games when I'm free. Performance means more to me than a "gaming laptop/desktop". And portability is important too. I just don't want to feel like a cripple when new games come out. After playing halo, assassins creed, gta-vc and sa, not being able to play their sequels makes me feel like a cripple. Will i5+6gb+nvidia gt 540m be good for that?
  10. I suggest if you can find one a decent AMD Llano based laptop. Sure the cpu side of things they suck balls but the intergrated gpu more than makes up for it. On the plus side mobile Llano is unlocked so you can overclock them with ease. When battery is important and not gaming at that moment you can force a lower pstate and underclock them. I do with mine and get hours out of it while enjoying youtube ect while still being able to get by while playing wow ;)

    Avoid the dual core amd laptops as they are just to slow and if you go Intel get anything that has a decent discrete gpu as Intel gpus are often rather poor performance wise.

    I got a HP Pavilian G6-1B59WM, I only bought it because I couldn't afford the more expensive and over priced intel laptops while they were short on amd laptops at the time. Plus it stands out lol but anyway I got tired of the slow dual core that was just to slow and even bottlenecked the IGP lol. So out with the a4 3300m and in with a rather hard to find a8 3530mx. Overclocks much better and can game at 3ghz :)
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