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New graphics card

I have not upgraded my system in a long time so I am a bit confused about all the new naming schemes for the Nvidia and ATI cards. I want to get a cheap card to replace my dead Nvidia GTX260. My LCD is small, 19" and runs at 1280X1024 so I guess I don't need a powerhouse of a card. Would like something at least as powerful as my dead card, maybe a little better, hopefully under $100. I really prefer Nvidia. Any suggestions?

I see at Newegg a replacement GTX 260 is about $99. I see GTS 450s (femi) for about the same price, plus a good mail in rebate too. I know the 450 is a mid level card but way newer, will it out perform the GTX 260? I wish I could find a site with comparison charts for the video cards.

Thanks, any advice would be great
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  1. Did you even read the "Best card for the money" thread on the homepage? It's a good place to start off as it gets updates every months.,2964-2.html
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    The new cards will be weaker. The GTS450 is slower then your GTX260. Even the normal $100 powerhouse, the 5770, is slower then your GTX260. If you like the GTX260 and can get one for $100, then do so. I'd get the slightly slower but DX11 5770 myself. It won't be as good, but it should be close enough.
  3. He said "replace my dead Nvidia GTX260" so guess it's not working anymore... He needs a new card. And since that card is a getting old, better get a newer one while at it.
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  5. I think i am gonna go for the 5770, ahhh the adventure of using an ATI card. Been a while, Last one I bought was the original Radeon VIVO
  6. Big, he also said he could get one for $99. Compare the performance of the GTX260 to the 5770, and the GTX260 is faster. It just uses more power and doesn't support DX11 which currently isn't a huge deal.

    Rumpel, I wouldn't worry about it to much. I've gone from a TNT2 to a 9600AIW, 9700pro, x1800xt, 8800GS, to my current 5750. Honestly? Other then the performance I can't tell any difference.
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