PC is randpmly shutting down/restarting

Hi thre,
tried to find the answer in other forums but no luck. So here's the situation- have a PC with following specs: CPU Intel i5 2310, Motherboard ECS h61h2, RAM 8GB, GPU Intel HD graphics. The problem is that the PC is restarting randomly and as I noticed only when I watch online TV- no matter directly from a website or using a software. Was advised to clean all the parts inside the tower from dust. Did it and it stopped restarting for a while- don't know if the cleaning actually did the job. But today it started again.
Will appreciate any help.
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  1. You just built this system?

    Which website are you going to watch TV?

    Which software you using to watch TV?

    What OS are you currently using?
  2. Hi,
    no bought the PC. It's not build. Using readon player and 4bg.eu. running win 7 ultimate x64
  3. Are you using the onboard video? Or, PCIe video card? I suggest you to contact our Technical Support:


    Not only hardware causing the system reboot, driver or application may cause the system unstable.
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