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kindly advice me on"how much mb graphics card is suitable for me.My board is having "PCI EXPRESS*x16 Graphics Connector"
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  1. Any PCIe Graphics Card is suitable to your motherboard having PCI Express slot.
    The more important question are:
    1. What monitor resolution are you playing?
    2. What is your power supply?
    3. What is your processor?
    4. What is your exact motherboard model?
    5. How much RAM do you have?
    6. How much is your budget for the graphics card?
    If you give the answers to these, we can give you the best recommendation according to your system specifications and budget.
  2. Anything will do but as randomkid suggests, you should tell us what power supply you have since THAT will affect what card you can put in it for it to work. For graphic card, every card in that thread will do, provided your power supply supplies enough juice to it and also has the correct number of 6 or 8 pins +12V connectors (if any needed at all).
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