Picking a Server for Animation Studio

Hi Everyone,

A big thank you in advance to everyone who will offer their input.

I am looking for a small officer server for
15-20 users in a small animation studio.
Expect 12 working on Flash (relatively smaller file sizes 5Mb-25Mb)
2-3 on Photoshop (200MB-1GB files)
1 on After Effects (render composite)

I want the server to -
Control system permissions and privileges
Virus Management
Back up & Store Data
Version Control (not v. important)
Remote Access would be great but not something i would want to pay additional for.
Power & Storage Redundancies

Network is
CAT 6 with a Giga Switch
PC's will have Giga LAN Cards.

We also have a DLink DNS 323 NAS drive with systems running Second Copy to copy files to the NAS. We have used this in lieu of a server but have reached a point where it just does not cut it. Have had all kinds of problems with data loss and even security issues.

No intention of putting the server online or hosting anything on it.

Appreciate it.

Thanks & Regards,
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  1. Hello ,

    I am RAJ. Actually I dont know complete configuration , but I can suggest you ADDS server for control
    system permissions and privileges.

    I am intersted in setting up an animation studio in future. And I would like to learn more about it.

    Best Luck for your studio....

    Best regards !

  2. well in finally ended up with a HP Microserver with 2x2TB WD Caviar Green HD'
    s and 8 GB RAM.

    since no apps are hosted on the server it was only serving as a glorified NAS with added security. Got the server pretty cheap and has been working fine so far.
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