Which is best for pure gameing?

which is the better cpu for performance/gameing? the only option i have are Intel Core i7 990X 3.46GHz LGA 1366 Hex-Core Processor (12MB L3 Cache) or Intel Xeon X5690 3.46GHz LGA 1366 Hex-Core Processor (12MB L3 Cache). this is a no budget laptop build and these are the only two options i have for a origin pc which one will perform the best? do any of these have turbo boost technology can i overclock them? what ram speed MHZ do they use is 1333Mhz good enough? pros and cons of both? which is the better one for gameing? i dont kno much about tech talk can anyone help me out please!
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  1. is this a pre-built system if so try and find one that comes with a 3930k, as thats the best processor out now for your price level
  2. With either of those CPUs, they will not be the main factor for gaming performance, both CPUs will perform exceptionaly well. You need to consider the GPU that is being used too. What GPU will the laptop have?
  3. wait a minute, that 990x is a desktop processor, it would suck a laptop battery dry in minutes,
  4. Neither are a good choice for gaming or for a laptop but the 990X is the better of the 2 for gaming.
  5. Forgot to say what RAM you can use depends on the motherboard.
  6. I think for gaming better you use an additional graphic card and dont impose much on the CPU.
  7. VEGA69 said:
    this is a no budget laptop build

    What do you mean by this?
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