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So recently I just installed my brand new SSD on my computer, everything was working fine and stuff. I noticed I forgot to replug my 2 front case fans, so I unplug everything and plug back the fans inside, then replug everything and open the computer. Everything is still working fine, but after some time the computer shut down. Now when I try to start my computer all the leds will light up, all the fans will spin but after a short 2 seconds everything shuts down, there's a light on my motherboard showing that there's still power in there, but no fan, no nothing is running.

Did my mobo or my psu just died? ):
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  1. sounds like you over heated somthing and it turned off to save itself. most mb/cpu if they shut down for a dead short or over heat you have to clear the cmos and fix the issue. if it does power back on run or look in the mb temp to check that your cpu and gpu fan are working and nothing overheating.
  2. Well it's constant now, I CANNOT open the computer for more than 2 seconds, on top of that I'd be surprised that I made something overheat, I do no overclocking and stuff
  3. Can you get your hands on a good psu to test? You need to eliminate probable culprits.
  4. I'll try to get my hands on one at school.
    Studying in IT, but I can't guarantee anything.
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