Locked out of RPC properites HELP!!! Malware-remote hack?

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
I'm in a constant battle with malware/hack since September. Have disconnected two out of three pc's only needing occasional internet connectivity for quarterly payroll reports on one. The third one however is on a floral internet network. just did a fresh install once again lastnight being careful to have security in place before connecting.

Just checked (next day) and I've been locked out of RPC property settings in services. This is the trend of being either locked out or disabled to the point of crash. Eventually changes occur remotely with speed and I lose control altogether. I'm really frustrated. They are causing financial loss. time for Linux or Virtual box?

I ran Licensecrawler yesterday and found an additional user with a completely different key and OS using Windows NT??? don't understand. I live many miles from a decent tech, but the problem occurs onsight not away from my business. Satellite internet.

The main occurance is eventual loss of settings control on firewall-MSE then loss of installed programs like spyware and registry cleaner. It kills my shortcuts and I'm left with chasing the problem.

I traced IP's with tracert then blocked this range of IP's. could be shooting myself in the foot.
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  1. What source are you using to install Win 7? Retail media, OEM media, or downloaded media? Also, what anti-virus/anti-malware software are you using?
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