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Hopefully someone will be able to help.
Basically we currently have a D-Link DES-1024D Switch, somewhere in the spaghetti of sporadically labeled and un-labeled mess :pt1cable: that is the current set of cables or possibly even one of the computers there is something wrong. iv'e noted random Pc's having some serious slow down in copying files over the network other times they are fine. The cables ill just have to lump the way they are at the moment as I do know we are moving premises soon but not when.

So long term I want to replace the current switch with something smarter that will let me know if there are any problems or unusually high activity like SRW2048 48-Port Gigabit Switch which is what I originally looked at .

A friend of mine suggested I go with the DES-3052 Managed 48-Port 10/100 . Now I want bells and whistles to be able mitigate/isolate/monitor problems like I am having at the moment.

See the DES-3052 Managed 48-Port 10/100 doesn't give me those 48 Gigabit ports. Granted that only a few computers have a Gigabit cards attached at the moment, but as I said am looking to get something that will really grow with our company as at he moment we have each port used and several have other switches attached to each port also, so I want to flatten things a little in terms of topology before it gets complicated again, the last thing I want is the main switch to be the bottleneck or need restarting every 3-4 months as our current switch needs to, eventually we'll have VoIP and I want to be able to prioritise traffic etc,block ports etc, and of course have nice blinkey lights that let me know everything is working ok when I look up from my desk to the switch across the room :lol: .

So in short what do you think I should go for? for the DES-3052 Managed 48-Port 10/100 or stick with my guns on SRW2048 48-Port Gigabit Switch and i have quotes that are about $100 apart, which isn't much. Or is there something else I should go for?
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    looking at customer reviews on the Cisco you might want to consider this Netgear
  2. looks good,got the speed, but am just getting lost in all these IEEE 802.1p's, .1ad's and so on, cant see if it has port blocking though..,ill have to see if i can pull the manual
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