Intel's Ivy Bridge on onld chipsets (z68, p67, h67)

its been going on for a while that the new Ivy Bridge is going to support 1155 board socket. But at the same time neither intel has made it clear that whether it'll be compatible with p67 or z68 !!! And some sites are saying that intel is planning on releasing three new chipsets viz, z77, z75 and h77.

Anandtech states that Ivy is supported by z77,z77,h77,z68,p67 and h67 -

But the old series is not USB 3.0 compatible with it. So, instead of upgrading my mobo and CPU now, should I wait for the new chipsets to kick in, or the current chipsets will be good enough for Ivy when it comes. Coz Sandy Bridge is well within my budget and i was thinking of maybe upgrading that to an Ivy -1.5-2 years when i require.

Any thoughts??
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  1. Just so you know we release a new group of chipset every year. Our normal Desktop board lifespan is 1 year. In the past some chipset would support processors that were released even after they had been replaced. look at the "3" and the "4" chipset with the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad.

    There maybe some news soon that may clear up an issue like this but in the end it is going to take time to products to be released before you find out the answer you are looking for.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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