Need help with upgrading my gpu

I recently started thinking about upgrading my pc that i have had for about a half year. what i mainly want to do is to add a additional graphic card, buy a new case and a new heatsink for my phenom x4 955 black edition.
So the graphics card that i currently have is the kfa2 gts 450 and the case that i use is a cm 430 elite.

The graphic card that i have planned to buy is another gts 450 but my only concern about that is overheating.
So i did some searching and i found a card in my price range with is the gtx 560. So now for the question, should i dual gts 450's or should i buy a gtx 560 AND i plan on overclocking my cards in the future, would i still be ablte to oc with two cards (Keep in mind that i have a 430 elite and not a super large gaming case).

Thank you for you help!

PS. If you now a card better than the gtx 560 under the price of 260 dollars please tell me :D
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  1. If you already have a SLI capable motherboard and the power supply to support it I would get another 450.
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