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I've seen a couple of scratched-mainboard-topics on here, but not really any outcome.
I scratched one path myself last week and called several people who either said they don't believe they could fix it or that it is too complicated and not worth it and I should just buy a new one.
However I don't want to waste that much money if there's another option, so I hope to get some opinions from guys who repaired smth like this before.


I will bring it to another electronics store tomorrow and see if there's an expert who could maybe solder it, otherwise I read about this conductive ink pen, which one apparently should not use if unexperienced. Any opinions on that? (Haven't seen it in my country so with shipping it will probably not be cheap enough to just try my luck, I'd want a good chance then)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The damaged trace at the edge of the board doesn't look very bad and looks repairable. Circuit boards have a fine film covering everything so you need to remove it before soldering the trace. I use a scratch pen but an exacto knife or piece of scotch brite might work. You only need to expose enough copper to complete the circuit once soldered. Use a fine tip (25 watt) soldering iron and a magnifying glass. Ive never used a conductive ink pen but I heard they work too. Good luck.
  2. That doesn't sound easy enough to fix by myself..
    By scratch pen, you don't mean one for repairing scratches in a car, do you? I'm not english, so I have never heard of these things.
    Found an x-acto knife on amazon; scotch brite is apparently the backside of a sponge for dishes, etc.!?
    The scratch is quite deep, there's nothing from that copper-coloured line left and I don't have a soldering iron myself, but from the way you write, it seems like an electrician would be able to fix that for a reasonable price?
  3. I finished connecting it again, to see if it even harmed an important feature, but unfortunately it will only turn on for a split-second.. Does this sound like a specific part isn't connected properly or is it rather because of this scratch? It seemed like the path is responsible for the sound, but I'm also pretty sure I connected everything correctly.
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