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Just curious question about power supply

What if installed a second power supply like 300 watt and only used it to plug into my graphics gtx 550 ti? would anything bad happen?
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What exactly PSU? A generic PSU can't handle that GPU.
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    Well, you would have trouble starting the 2nd PSU for one.
    Also, some PSUs don't take it well when there is no load on the ATX (20 or 24-pin) connector. They may seem to work, but they would get damaged much sooner.
  3. i was just thinking outside the box, never heard of anyone asking if they just had one psu supply the comp and another just for the vid card extra power thats all
  4. What mathew7 said is correct, you could start the psu by "jump starting" it on the the 20/24 pin ATX connector but many power supplies don't like unbalanced loads. It is technically possible though.
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