Hi there i am currently running a INTEL PENTIUM 4 FOXCONN MOTHERBOARD MODAL P4M800P7MB it can only run 2gb off ram but i want too run 4gb off ram is there a motherboard i can upgrade too witch won,t be much hassle too change as i,m no computer whizz it must be able too run my nvdia 7800gs grahics card AGP version
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  1. You cant find a P4 mobo with agp slot for 7800gs. G41 chip mobo may support Pentium 4 but not the 7800gs agp.

    Why not change the whole system? With a Pentium 4 cpu 4gb ram will not help you in gaming or other apps.
  2. but i am currently running a NVIDIA 7800GS graphics card on the motherboard i posted and it is a AGP one i fitted it myself i also added a 700 watt OCZ power supply too run it i was wondering if there is a simple motherboard upgrade i could do and transfer my card over too it but so i can run 4gb of ram or would my motherboard reconise 3gb of ram i have heard of some story,s of it working
  3. But you are asking for very old tech mobo. There is no mobo with agp slot which support 4gb ram. Old Intel 915 mobo support agp but with 2gb ram max. Thats what i know about last agp motherboard.

    Why not upgrading to a whole new rig?
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