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Hello, I have a intel P4 3.0 HT, 2x1GB of dual channel 667MHz memory, 300W supply, Motherboard , which has some integrated graphic card. I would like to watch sometimes FULL HD video (doesn't need to be full screen) and I can't afford new processor and MB and RAM and Power supply. Does it make sense to buy ATI Radeon HD5450 512MB Graphics Card? I suggest that my motherboard supports PCI-E x16. What do you think?
Thank you for any advice.
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  1. there is integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950,Pixel Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0, Max. shared memory 224MB, Supports D-Sub with max. resolution up to 2048x1536 @ 60Hz. Cheers. :hello:
  2. Yes it makes some sense in that the HD 5450 will support flash HW acceleration and take the load off your CPU if you are trying to watch full screen HD flash videos on youtube or Hulu.
  3. Thank you.
    Do you think I should buy also a better power supply, e.g. 500W? I am going to watch mp4 full HD videos, not flash ones.
  4. The 5450 has a TDP of only 19.1 watts so it's probably not necessary to upgrade the PSU, certainly not to 500w unless you are going to re-use the power supply in a future build. I think pretty much all media players are using H.264 acceleration these days so MP4 playback will also use the HD5450 for decoding.
  5. Thank you. Exact answer for my questions.
    Regards, happy Martin
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