Cpuid mainboard high temp

Hello, I've never truly monitored the temperatures of my rig until lately. I just started using CPUID and everything looked fine except for the mainboard temperature which varies 71-76*c. IS this dangerous, and if so what could I do to lower the temperature? Any help is appreciated.

*on a side note the +3.3v is reading 1.96v max

Biostar TA890FXE
-THRM: 32*c
-CPU: 32*c
-Mainboard: 72*c
-TMPIN2: 29*c
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  1. get a better case.
  2. I've already consulted a thread relating to the case I am using, and it would seem like this isn't a problem relating to the case itself.
  3. what case? You need a case with good airflow, 1 intake and 1 outtake.
  4. I've got a NZXT Phantom, It has a front and bottom intake with a rear exhaust and 2 exhaust fans at the top.

    On another note, my +3.3v was read to be 1.96 still with a DMM, so I switch out my PSU and it is now working fine :)
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