Hey everybody, im having trouble with my pc with resentely installing new ram(corsair XMS3 2x4gig DDR3 1333 set, dual channel) into my ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 motherboard. When installing them and booting up everything seems fine the i get BCOD, Memory_management, and a few other one's too. If i run 1 module of ram it seems to work fine but together they give me problems, any ideas to fix this problem. When i put vengence 2x2gig set in my pc everything works great. I took the ram back because i thought it was faulty but they said it was fine and they ran a stress test and the ram worked fine, my CPU is a q8300 2.50 Ghz fsb1333
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  1. Hi, Check other stick alone. Maybe that one is faulty.
  2. It seems like it is the one ram module giving the problem, but the people at frontosa that tested the RAM said that the ram is fine and not faulty, what program can i use to test the ram, thanks
  3. Memtest86+. But did you check with the other one?
  4. When i run Memtest86+ i get unexpected interrupt halting cpu0 when testing one module ram at a time
  5. Any other ideas how to fix this problem, i updated my bios but still giving me bcod
  6. Is this happen with both ram?
  7. Yes i get unexpected interrupt halting cpu0 with both ram sticks but if i use them one at a time the one seems fine and my pc runs stable without any problems but if i use the other stick i get bcod and loads of errors when booting up?, it seems like the one ram stick is faulty
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    Then that ram is faulty. Try to check to your friends pc yourself get it RMA.
  9. thanks man, will check the ram in his pc and see if it also gives the same problem
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  11. Ok finally took the ram back and it was a faulty, got new onces and they are working great
  12. Good to know that you solve your problem. :)
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