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I have $200 +/- to spend on an Motherboard for an Intel i5 or i7 processor. I want one with the 77 chip set. The system will be used for photo and video editing and post processing. No gaming. I will probably not overclock much if any. I am looking for reliability, ease of use, good BIOS/SW.

What do you recommend?
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  1. get the i7

    id suggest the asus z77-v LK, gigabyte z77x-ud3h, or the asus z77-v PRO if you want to blow your money.

    if you are not to overclock, get the i7 3770 and the asus h77-v motherboard instead
  2. I would go with the MSI Z77 MPower. The thing is so reliable it has 2 BIOSes so that if you corrupt one, you have another.
  3. dual bios doesnt really prove anything about how reliable the board is.
  4. That's true, the bioses could just corrupt really often. If you get this mobo I recommend overclocking a bit more cause this board is great for oc'ing.
  5. What he means by reliable is the actual board components not anything to do with bios corruption (gigabyte boards have had dual bios for years now) such as how good the capacitors are, how well cooled the vrms/chipsets/etc are.
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