Asus sabertooth z77 fan problem

i have asus sabertooth z77 and the assistant fan 2 speed is very slow as it is between 972- 1020rpm and the assistant fan 1 speed is 4666 rpm , the assistant fan 2 make a very noise sound , this problem happened suddenly .
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  1. thats why i never recommended that sabertooth board. its a total gimmick

    looks like you have a bad fan. email asus, explain to them, and ask for a replacement
  2. You can take a can of compressed air and see if there is any dust buildup in the fan that would be causing it to slow down and make noise.
  3. Turn off the system and disconnect the fan. Spin it with your finger and see if it's bound or stuck. You'll know instantly if it's bad.
  4. i will never buy from asus
  5. they make a great board. just that you were unfortunate enough to fall for a board that is a gimmick.
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