What the most confusing aspect of power supplies for you?

Power supplies are mysterious black boxes to many people, and there is a lot about them that makes little sense to the average user. I previously wrote up a bit about why it doesn't matter if your unit has multiple 12 V rails or just a single one, this is to help pick out a topic for the next one.
Single 12V rail or multiple 12V rails? The eternal question answered

This poll is to see what confuses people the most about power supplies and try to clear up some of that confusion. I know there are many other things about them that might lead to some confusion, so if you selected other please post what it is as it might be confusing others.

To the new users, don't be afraid to post this is mostly for you!
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  1. I vote for why voltage regulation and ripple are important.

    But explaining how efficiency actually impacts the wallet and environment might be a simpler topic :)
  2. Voltage regulation and ripple is a bit more complicated, that piece will take a bit longer to research and write up, but it is definitely do able. I might do that as the third installment as it is definitely an important one.

    For efficiency I think im also going to touch on what the 80+ ratings mean and that 80+ gold doesn't necessarily mean better quality internals than an 80+ bronze unit, just different. Examples, the Enermax Platimax 1200 with average voltage regulation but great noise suppression and the Seasonic 1000W Platinum unit with great voltage regulation and average noise suppression.
  3. the biggest problem for consumers fits into the "Difference between a "quality" and "generic" unit" category. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any regulation for manufactuers being able to stick on any wattage label they like, and get away with it. at least 50% of the power supplies on the shelf would not be able to produce their rated wattage, and this is beyond a joke. They should only be allowed to put accurate specs on their label.
  4. LOL. I don't know *** about PSUs. Thats why I'm always asking on these forums :D
    None of these AMPS, VOLTS, or RAILS *** makes sense to me :P
  5. why people buy a psu then ask if they did ok and not ask beforehand
  6. obsidian86 said:
    why people buy a psu then ask if they did ok and not ask beforehand


    That is the big question isn't it?
  7. Proximon said:

    That is the big question isn't it?

    thats nothing, I knew a woman who bought a restaraunt and didn't ask the owner how much profit he was making, answer none.
  8. obsidian86 said:
    why people buy a psu then ask if they did ok and not ask beforehand

    Hmm that one might be a bit out of my league, im majoring in electrical engineering not psychic predictions sadly, but its definitely a question i end up asking multiple times a day.
  9. Quote:
    I voted efficiency as all else is simple to understand really.

    so its simple to understand fake 80plus stickers and power supplies that lie about wattage? i guess it is easy if you read a review, but you shouldn't have to, whats on the box should be what you get, or its false advertising.
  10. I think the most confusing aspect regarding power supplies is does my unit have enough Amps on the 12v rail/s for my gpu?
    Wish i had a dollar for everytime that questions been asked here:)
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