Problems and more problems

So I am having some problems with my newly hand built (February) gaming computer. There are a few things that all began when my gpu began to not work correctly.

The HIS (the one that looks like the regular 6950, with the fan towards the rear) 6950 was working great for a long time, and could play whatever I wanted on the highest possible settings (except GTAIV oddly). Eventually though, I started to have problems. The card constantly crashed, not at the desktop at idle, but when using something graphics intensive, such as a game. (Also for some reason, the Facebook-integrated browser Rockmelt crashed also, which is odd since none of the other browsers I have had this problem.) After the crash, in most cases the computer would return to normal gameplay of the game. I finally did some digging into my computer after a few crashes where the computer restarted itself and found it to be a driver problem. The driver would keep crashing and restarting, and sometimes not restart. Now, before you tell me to rollback the drivers or check the heat of the card, I have already done most of the easy suggestions. After crashing in games and dying, or losing progress, I got tired of the crashing and switched to an old nVidia 8800GT (which I was surprised by the performance of), which works great.

Now, I realized the OC potential of this card, and started to OC it, but never went over 700MHz (600 stock) and always linked the shaders to the core clock. Heat is not an issue with this card either. Oddly enough, the drivers of this card are also starting to crash, though not at the level of the 6950. Ususally when I clock the card to regular clock it is fine, and I believe that is the issue, yet, when I watch Netflix (Family Guy (: ) the drivers seem to crash also, yet maybe it is because I am running dual monitors (an AOC 2343 23" and a Magnavox 32").

My question is, what is faltering my system? The 8800GT may be just a different problem and maybe its just the OCing is too high. I care more about the 6950 that is just sitting on the desk collecting dust (not that much). I would like to use it again, but am happy with the current card I have if need it be. If you have any suggestions or comments or things for me to try, don't be hesitant to tell. Thanks for reading
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  1. And here are my specs

    -Phenom II 965
    -ASUS M4A785-M
    -HIS ATi Radeon 6950 2GB (not using)
    -(nVidia Geforce 8800GT 512MB)
    -WD Caviar Black 500GB (x2)
    -Samsung 320GB HDD (7200?)
    -WD Caviar LE 200GB (7200?)
    -Ultra LSP 750w PSU
    -Happague WinTV Tuner
    -ASUS Optical Drive
    -Unknown Optical Drive
    -Thermaltake V9 Black Case
    -Thermaltake SL1 Exhaust Fan
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