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Quad core opteron or athlonII x3

hi guys! we know that playing bf3 is better with proc. with more cores. now should i get more or better performance with a quad core opteron2.2 ghz or an athlon II x3 3ghz. please help me!!! really confused here
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  1. which particular model are you talking about? what motherboard do you have? make sure the cpu is compatable with your motherboard.
  2. oh yes! i got this ecs a780gm-a which suports am3 and am2+ proc. its the opteron1354 2.2ghz quad core
  3. I would get the Athlon, I think Opterons are for servers?
  4. tanx! but can i use opterons for gaming though! coz the price is half the athlons
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    the opteron is too lower clock speed for gaming. the 3ghz athlon x3 would be better. you will also want to check the motherboards supported cpu list, the opteron may not be compatable, even if its the same socket.
  6. ok been at the ecs site, ur rite my mobo dont support that proc. thanx!
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