Have to pick boot drive after every boot asus p7p55d-e pro motherboard

my asus p7p55d-e pro motherboard is having issues on boot. Now when it boots it asks me to reboot and pick the boot drive. when I hit F8 and pick the hard drive it boots fine but after a fresh start it askes the same thing. I went into bios and made sure the correct boot sequence was picked and it still asks after every startup to pick the boot disk to boot from .
Could this be the motherboard battery? started to do this after almost two years. Not sure what else is effected by the motherboard battery.
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  1. any advice on what could be causing this?
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    Sounds like drive 0 is not the active/boot drive any more.

    Have you added a drive or turned on some other drive controller in the BIOS.

    You should open Disk management by right clicking on My Computer and select Manage then select Disk Management.

    Check the partitions on Drive 0 and one of them should have the word Active listed.
    If the word Active is not listed on Drive 0 then you will need to make the what ever disk does show the Active partition be Drive 0 or do a repair Windows 7 Boot by boot from the Windows 7 DVD and doing a repair of the boot up files.
  3. Maybe the battery. It couldnt save. Is your time showing correct or you have to set that too?
  4. I dont think it is the battery anymore because nothing else seems to be effected, time and date are correct and other bios settings are holding. I checked the HD and it appears that neither of my HD's are the boot disk anymore. Not sure how this would get changed, I have not added any new drives. I did what Rainey suggested and it appears I might have to do a repair boot up files. Just not sure if this would fix it since the computer boots up just fine if I pick what I know to be the boot drive but after I pick it and select it in the bios it does the same thing again.

    so will have to try the repair boot files.

    ok little confused. I checked the drives in disk managment and this is what it shows
    l ayout type file system status
    (C:) simple basic NTFS Healthy(boot, page file,crashdump,pimary partition)

    new volume(E:)
    simple basic NTFS healthy (primary partition)

    sytem reserved
    simple basic NTFS healthy (system, active, primary partition)

    ok than shows Disk 0 as new volume healthy primary partition
    Disk1 as system reserved( system, active, primary partition) in a box than second box next to it (C:) healthy(boot, page file, crash dump, primary partition).

    OK i assume the disk 1 is the main HD with part partitioned out for reserved part

    just dont know what would cause my system to loose what was the boot drive.
  5. Is the system reserved size is 100mb? It should contain the boot file. Try repairing boot files.
  6. will do thank you. I'll let you know if that took care of it, it should I would think.
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