Acer d250 battery removal

Please, how do i remove the battery? On light comes on briefly and shuts off immediately. Sounds like dead battery and/or bad power supply but I am far from knowlegeable about computers. Was told to remove battery and see if it operates via direct power cord hookup.
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  1. Ok as every laptop it should have it's battery underneath look for a tab to unlock the battery first, it probably says 'release' , probably by sliding it to the side, then slide the battery out.

    This is an example of how the battery should look like

    Just make sure to unlock it first and then slide the release tab to get the battery out.

    Once you are done, also unplug the charger from it, leave it without battery, press the power button for about 10 secs.(this is to get rid of any elecrtostatic charges accumulated) then plug only the charger and see if it can work only with charger. If it does then switch it off,unplug the charger and try with battery only.

    The best way to test battery/ac adapter.
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