Gigabyte Board or Asrock Board?

i can't pick which board to buy they all look good to me. my budget for boards is under 150 so if you guys have any suggestions please tell me. I'm going to be running the AMD FX-4170 Cpu.

ASRock 990FX Extreme4 AM3+

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  1. get the phenom ii x4 965 instead of fx. performs better

    and id get the ud3

    Acording to the cpu gaming chart the Fx 4170 cpu is one of the top gamong cpu's from AMD , unfortunatly is way behind the top two levels of Intel cpus. However if you don't have the budget for an Intel cpu and motherboard then the next best thing would be to settle for an AMD cpu.

    The Gigabyte board would be a good match for the Fx 4170 cpu.
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