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Just recently purchased a asrock oc formual motherboard. I checked the memory compatibility on the web site and my current ram was not on there (but it does support the speed). I also check on a site that was testing the board and they were also using memory that wasnt on the compatability list. I wanted to know if it really mattered on not if my memory was on that list.

Current memory using x2 4gb corsair xms3
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  1. it wouldnt matter. asrock cant test out every ram stick so if its not listed, it usually means that it wasnt tested

    also, make sure your ram is 1.5v. anything higher is bad for any intel rig
  2. thanks a lot for the info, feel like I've been relearning a lot about pc's again since i started ordering stuff for this build
  3. you should have posted a comment in the new build section. we could have suggested you to get the asus z77-v pro motherboard instead of the asrock oc formula. would have saved 50 bucks
  4. I did, this was just a last minute decision since i wanted to get everything ordered yesterday. Im deploying in november and want to have time to play with everything. It was probably not a good decision but couldnt be any worse than the last build i did.
  5. yeah i guess
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