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Hello Everyone

I am after a little help as I think I have fried my fathers motherboard. He has a newish Asus motherboard and his old power supply broke and he ended up getting one of eBay. Anyway I went round after work one evening to change it over and I think I have made a big mistake the power supply he got had a 6pin connector which I plugged into the 8pin connector for the GPU marker EXT 12v. Upon switching the machine on the CPU fan spins for a split second and then goes off. Upon investigation I realised that I plugged in the 6 pin PCIe connection in by accident as they are the same and it slotted in fine but aren't they different voltages etc?? Have a blown my fathers board?? I suspect I might owe him a new one.

Any advice would be appreciated


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  1. the 6pin pci-e would only cause problems to the video card. a 8pin pci-e is just a 6 pin with 2 extra grounds

    try booting the rig without the video card to test for a motherboard problem.
  2. What has happened is I have plugged the 6pin connection in from the power supply into the 8pin socket in the board marked EXT12v and now nothing is happening. There is a power button and reset button in the board and both of these are lit but when I attempt to switch the board on the CPU fan spins for a split second then nothing. Have I fried the board by plugging in a 6pin PCie power connector into the 8pin cpu connector I have a shorted out the power supply
  3. you couldnt even plug a 6pin pci-e to a 8pin CPU. they dont even key in properly. try the right connectors now and see it works

    you could have damaged the board by forcing a pci plug in a CPU plug
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