Asus G73 Radeon HD 5870 fan not working..

lately ive been noticing my laptop's desktop gpu meter had the fan speed at 0% while the gpu was being used from a video game.

last night, during raid (wow of course) reached 102C.

just did a fresh install of windows in hopes of some software issue being fixed that caused the fan not to work.

Gpu temp at 0% load, idling at desktop runs at 69-70C.

as soon as i load into somethin, jumps up to 90C. everything runs smooth so far, but i dont want to push it without knowing whats wrong for sure.

was playin for a few hours the other night and my screen went brown and had to hold power button.. waited an hour and turned it back on, loaded up my game, then kept an eye on the temp, thats when i saw it up at 101-102C.

...any1 kno why my laptop turned into a george foreman grill? (aka why the fan stopped workin?)

laptop is only like 6 months old :(
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  1. just RMA it
  2. I have an ASUS G73SW-BST6

    I live in Brasil... so I have a MUCH BIGGER problem.... the warranty is valid only there in USA...

    I opened my laptop, REPASTED, with Arctic Silver 5, did ALL things correctly, JUST TO FIND OUT THAT ----->>> THE GPU FAN WAS BLOCKED!!!!!!

    acctually, I have the notebook for 3 months... and it was working FINE before... I used to play for hours, and a couple of times I checked the temperature, and it was FINE... like, 10 HOURS PLAYING it wouldn't go over 67, 70º C.....

    NOW, all of a sudden, IT's GETTING 90 with 10 minutes playing... THE FAN SIMPLY STOPPED WORKING!!! WHY???? its NOT DUST, IM SURE! VERY SURE!...

    NOW, here in BRASIL there ISN'T, simply, ISN'T anything that FITS this motherboard... NO COOLER FAN is compatible...

    I think i'm gonna have to BUY a fan FROM USA... wait for like MONTHS...

    very, VERY disappointing..
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