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Hello Everyone

I am after a little help as I think I have fried my fathers motherboard. He has a newish Asus motherboard and his old power supply broke and he ended up getting one of eBay. Anyway I went round after work one evening to change it over and I think I have made a big mistake the power supply he got had a 6pin connector which I plugged into the 8pin connector for the GPU marked EXT 12v. Upon switching the machine on the CPU fan span for a split second and then went off. Upon investigation I realised that I plugged in the 6 pin PCIe power connection in by accident as they are the same and it slotted in fine but aren't they different voltages etc?? Have a blown my fathers board?? I suspect I might owe him a new one.

Any advice would be appreciated


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  1. did you test it back with the good cables plug in the right place
  2. What has happened is I have plugged the 6pin connection in from the power supply into the 8pin socket in the board marked EXT12v and now nothing is happening. There is a power button and reset button in the board and both of these are lit but when I attempt to switch the board on the CPU fan spins for a split second then nothing. Have I fried the board by plugging in a 6pin PCie power connector into the 8pin cpu connector or I have a shorted out the power supply. I have plugged everything back into the right place and nothing expect the led lights on the board and a slight spin of the CPU fan
  3. most mb and power supply have dead short portection. unplug the power supply from the wall..let the mb drain and clear the cmos using the jumper. the mb should reset if no damage was done.
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