Cheap upgrade, what do?

Yeah, i am back again! yay~ this time i have a bit of extra cash and want to buy -something-, i was told a hard drive, and i kinda agree... im just not sure if im purchasing the right one for the money... right now i have 2 ide drives in there, there max transfer rate is about ~25mb/s using HDtune :) one of em is a 350g, the other a 120g

here are my system specs:

Antec 500D
athlon 2 x3 445
-random ASrock mobo-
4g DDR2 (reused from old system)
1x 320g ide HDD (reused from old system)
1x 120g ide HDD (reused from old system)
5670 512mb
1920 x 1080 23" acer monitor (got it as a gift :))

im extremely strapped for cash being a student, and only have about 60-65 bucks :P

i was thinking of the Spinpoint F3 since i see so many people with them? what do you guys suggest?

also i keep hearing about a dedicated physx card? would that help? i dont know much about physx ... only that its a nvidia thing

Edit: also my mouse is annoying me... not that it doesnt work or anything just that its kinda old and still uses a PS/2 port... gets the job done though so i guess i wont replace it unless i can find a deal on a good mouse :)
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  1. Best answer there you go, IDE drive are just eww =D

    5670 inst ideal for 1920 x 1080 play, next upgrade should defnitely be a graphics card but if your mouse is really bothering you get one of these . a physx card wouldnt make sense in tht rig and i dnt think they're all tht useful anyways =/
  2. oh god that mouse is hideous looking Lol, and so i should grab the F3? and yeah i know the 5670 kinda sucks at this res, but i dont have the money for a video card.... maybe once i get a job and stuffs :) ty for the help though :D

    also the 5670 can play decently at this res, not max, but it plays wow on ultra pretty dang well, GTA + the witcher 2 on medium high, and JC2 at nearly max
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  4. oh i nearly forgot, do i need a sata 2 cable? i realise they are backwards compatible but will there be any loss in performance?... i read an article that said no but that was in '06
  5. sata cables are standard, didnt ur motherboard come with any? If not grab one of these
  6. dangit, thats 1 dollar over my budget :( i have exactly 65 bucks on a gift card... and i think i might have one, its attached to my dvd drive, is there any way i can tell if its sata 1 or 2?

    also is the data cap on a sata 1 cable 200megaBYTEs per second

    uhm, is a sata 1 cable the same as a sata 3.0gb/s? what im getting as is there are cables listed simply as sata and there data rate says its 300 or 150... etc

    would this work, i mean would there be no decrease in performance? since i can afford this one :)

    Edit: ok i have a few sata 1 cables, :)
  7. updating: already bought the HD, probably gonna check and see if it doesnt live up to these benchmarks:
    then see if i need the sata 2 cable

    also what is AHCI mode and should i use it?

    Edit: it appears i have missed the edit button :( apologies
  8. Meh yu can enable it if your motherboard has a good sata controller if not you dnt need to and yes the cables are different each one offers a higher "theoretical" throughput but a sata2 cable should be fine (the one you picked is perfect)
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