Gigabyte 5870 1 gig making squeeling sound

hey guys, my gigabyte 1 gig 5870 when i start a game, and start playing starts making a weird buzzing, squeeling, sound like if the fan is rubbing against something, but i opened the case and nothings touching the 2 fans on the 5870,

im puzzled by this, is this dangerous for the card this frictionning squeeling sound, or i shouldnt worry about it thanks
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  1. When did you buy it? Could be the bearing dying.Which would make sense because when your in a game it makes the fan spin.

    What happend to me is I replaced the Thermal grease on my 6870 and I messed up the fan wire and when the fan starts going fast it starts grinding on the fan wire.I'll buy a new one.Lol.
  2. its like 9 months old thanks, for the help
  3. I don't know how to go about replacing a bearing, if thats the issue, but it does seem doable.As an alternative you always buy a different aftermarket VGA Cooler.The 5870 is still a really powerful card.
  4. If you can RMA it as it sounds like one of the fans is dying. You don't want the bearing to go out and have the fan lock up as the card would get pretty darn hot.
  5. its not the fan its the heatsink copper part making noise like its unstable, i checked the screws and everything seems alright thanks, any clues if the copper heatsink not the fan making noise when gaming thanks
  6. I think you have some inductor coil squeal. You said it only happens when the card is under load, right? My 5850 makes a low buzz/squeal when folding, but it varies card to card. If this the problem, there are ways to fix it. However I think in most cases it is not actually a danger to the card or performance, however if it gets too annoying you can try to fix or RMA.
  7. i cant rma it, since i dont know gigabytes rma ways, anyways, thanks tho, its a coil ya annoying but thats weird
  8. If you want to rule out the fan, you can either stop it with your hand (for a second) or manually change the fan speed in CCC. If it isn't the fan yet it is definitely the card, then it is likely what I described above (or something very similar).
  9. its not the fan i stopped the fan. and the sound is still there, only when high gpu load such as gaming thanks, is there any software fix to fix a coil? thanks
  10. Not that I know of, other than perhaps severely underclocking the card to save power, but that probably wouldn't be worth it if it even worked at all.

    While I haven't looked into it much, I think it is a mechanical problem with the electric coil. I think the whine means that the coil was not securely held or glued in place. So I think the most common fix is to crack open the card and adhere it in place, though I have never done it myself. There should be guides in forums (perhaps even this one).
  11. If you can't RMA just get a new VGA cooler.
  12. If it is the problem I am talking about, then it has nothing to do with the cooler. The coils are part of the card's main power circuitry, they are located right underneath the cooler.
  13. ya it that, thanks
  14. Are you sure it's coming from the card and not coming from your PSU. If it's your PSU, that would certainly be considered an issue :O
  15. not that i know of cuz i move the heatsink a bit, and the noise stopped
  16. Hmm, that is interesting. Perhaps one of the coils is vibrating against it?
  17. anyways i just sold it tonight, whats should i get a gtx 560 or a 6870 thanks
  18. 560 or 560Ti?
  19. 560 non ti, since the ti is like 30$ more,
  20. Tough call, as I think the two are very close. You'll have to check the reviews and see which does better in the games you like, if they use any of them. What's the rest of your system?
  21. iceclock said:
    560 non ti, since the ti is like 30$ more,

    If you are contemplating the 560 non Ti then have a look at the 1GB GTX460's as they are essentially the same cards.
  22. ok thanks, in the benchmarks , the 560 non ti seem closed to the ti and 6870, Creative Labs T40 Gigaworks 2.0

    Coolermaster HAF 932

    pc power and cooling 750 watt power supply

    Gigabyte HD 5870 1GB GDDR5

    AMD Phenom X4 965

    Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5

    GSkill ECO DDR3 Ram 1.35 V 4GB

    Kingston SSDnow V series HD 128 GB

    ASUS VW266H 25.5" Widescreen Full HD 1080P 1920x1200

    Western Digital 1TB HD

    Lite On DVDRW

    Logitech G9x Laser mouse

    minus the 5870, thanks
  23. Have any intentions of dual carding? With your board, that would force the 6870. If only going with one card, all three are great choices.
  24. thanks dude ;)
  25. iceclock said:
    anyways i just sold it tonight, whats should i get a gtx 560 or a 6870 thanks

    If I see another thread with a guy wondering what is the buzzing sound coming from his 5870, I know exactly what happened. :)
  26. Go with the GTX560 or the 6870.Only thing you can bank on now is the corssfire performance.
  27. i got a directcu1 6870 for 185$ thanks alot for the comments, cheers
  28. Good choice.

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