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Looking for a new video card for my Intel Inspiron 560S?

Hello all, I'm just looking to upgrade my video card from the default G43/45 Express Chipset, and I realize my choices are pretty limited for the Inspiron 560S due to it having a slim case and a low psu. I need some suggestions for a new one because I have no idea which video cards will work for my computer or not, nothing fancy is needed, thank you all.
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  1. you would need a low profile card and bracket. AMD tends to do a better job with their cards in terms of power efficiency. your PSU is only 250w so you would be limited to very entry level cards.

    amd 6450 for media playback

    if you want to game, look for an older ati 5570
  2. Thank you for your reply, but I was wondering if this would work for my computer?
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    the link doesnt work for me
    might want to try a HD 6570

    total system draw is 126w at max load according to Toms,2925-15.html

    which would be half of what you PSU supplies which is fine

    I run a HD 5670 on a Dell 280w

    Dell PSUs are reaaonable for OEM PSUs

    check your PSU spec panel (open case)

    usually Dell rates their PSUs at MAX CONTINOUS Wattage

    not PEAK wattage

    so if it says that then it is capable of running 250w continously at max

    though I wouldnt want to do that all day long LOL
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