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Hello All,

I just got a new desktop(new for me at least) and it has a PCI-E 1st gen slot. I'm thinking of what video card to buy. It has a Hyper-threaded Pentium 4 cpu at 3.2Ghz. I don't want anything too over kill. I'm mainly gonna play relatively old games like COD4, Halo3, Counterstrike Source... something like that. I would also watch some "HD" movies online. My monitor can only go up to 1280x1024. I think that sets all the requirements. I'm pretty lost in choosing Video cards so please give me some ideas. Thanks in advance.
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  1. This should be a good fit for you. I bought a crappy 9500 gt instead of this ,but I can still play and source game on high same res and mw2. Also this cards is much better than mine fyi.
  2. get on ebay and buy an 8800 or 9800 gt/gts/gtx for like $25 bucks... will be more than ample. Anything more and your processor will be the bottleneck
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