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Hey guys,
I'm in the process of building a new rig, I'm looking at going the xfire route, I currently have a Gigabyte 6950 2gb which I bought back around December, I've decided that I will get another for my xfire setup as I have read some good reviews, my problem is I cant seem to find the same brand of card it appears to be discontinued, the card I have has a 1250mhz memory clock, there are plenty of the 2gig cards with 5000mhz memory clock floating around will this make any sort of difference when it comes to xfire?

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  1. /bump
  2. just overclock the other one u get to 1250mhz memory core too :P otherwise i think the faster one will perform the same as the slower one
  3. The 6950 uses DDR5 VRAM. DDR5 VRAM is quad data rate VRAM, meaning 1250mhz memory, is 5000mhz effective. (1250 x 4 = 5000) The memory speed on you card is exactly the same as the cards you are looking at.

    You'll have no issues Xfiring your 2GB 6950 with a new 2GB 6950 to full effectiveness.
  4. thanks heaps, that makes a lot more sense, cheers. :)
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