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Hi there, I'm new to the site (kinda, I'll explain below) and I need some help!
*I'm not new entirely, I've read discussions that solved issues I've had in the past*

I created an account to ask this question, it's my first post, so sorry if it's not in the right secton :??: :
I'm planning on installing a new Motherboard, I know how to assemble the hardware and such, it's the drivers part that scares me. I've Googled this a heap of times, but all the guides & videos only mention how to get the old Motherboard out and the new one in, nothing really delves into driver & BIOS details.

I'm worried about installing the new MOBO only to find something's missing!
I'm planning on going from a GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-S2P LGA775 board to a GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 1155 board with an i5 processor off a friend with no CD (he's quittin' the PC gaming business) . I'm also planing on getting a 700w PSU, for the future!

Unfortunately, due to moving I'm no longer in possession of my GPU CD, :sweat: for a Sapphire Radeon HD 6750 (I'll upgrade when I can).
I know that a new MOBO usually requires a fresh OS installation, of which I can do.
I also know that I'll need the Chipset & LAN drivers.

So if anyone could give me a detailed guide as to the driver software side of MOBO upgrades it would be greatly appreciated (sorry for all the text, wanted as much detail as I could!). :)
Also, would this driver guide be consistent for other intel Motherboards, in-case I don't buy the board in time?
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  1. Here are the drivers you need from the Gigabyte Website. Make yourself a disc or USB key with all the drivers and then you're good to go once Windows is installed.

    Audio - Realtek Function driver
    Chipset - Intel INF installation
    LAN - Realtek LAN Driver
    USB 3.0 - Etron USB 3.0 Driver

    That's it. That's all the drivers you need.
  2. Ah, thanks a bunch abekl, :D That's put some worry to rest.
    Should I do the same for my GPU?
    I've found drivers on both Sapphire's site and AMD's, which ones should I download, and which site should I get them from, or does it not matter?

    Thanks again :P
  3. I was going to recommend that you go to AMD's site to get the latest video driver. It's very easy to select the driver there. Just input your OS type and graphics card family, and bang, you're good to go.
  4. Ok, cheers mate! :D
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