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Best bang for the buck @ 1080p

I'm putting together a new box and I've been out of the loop for a few years, a whole lot has changed... I was running two 8800GTS's until my psu died and took one of the cards with it.

Planning on gaming using a single monitor @ 1920x1080 and I want to keep the video card budget under $300. I'm looking at 2gb 6950s and gtx 560 ti.

Is either one better suited to my situation? Are their other cards out their that I should be looking at?

Right now these are the two specific cards I'm looking at:
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  1. Grab the 6950 and then crossfire down the road IMO. It's the best value in the performance market right now.
  2. Yeah the 6950 then flash it to a 6970 and you are set. Make sure your case has enough room for the 6950.
  3. First check witch one(sli or crossfire) does your motherboard support. Your best choice would be one 6950. In Crossfire you get better scaling than nvidia with the 6k series from AMD(ati was the name up until the 5k series but that changed).

    Also for 1080p resolution 1Gb of RAM is ok, if you plan to go higher you will need more video RAM. Also in time games tend to use more RAM so the 2Gb version of 6950 might pose an advantage, but let's be clear about this, sometimes the 1Gb version is a little faster. Don't know why but that's how it is, but not in all games and not by a lot.

    On the TI you chose many posted complaints about the high temperature.

    On the 6950 you chose someone posted you can not unlock it, i don't know if that is true but you can only do that on reference design boards, also unlocking might pose some difficulties or might break your card. I would not bother with it.

    By the way, 6950 is generally a little faster then gtx560ti.
  4. If your motherboard is SLI-ready, I'd go with the 560 ti and add another later. I've had no problems with SLI. I had constant driver issues with crossfire.

    On the other hand, if you plan to only use 1 card ever in that system, I'd go with the 6950. I have no driver issues on my single-card AMD setups.
  5. This is the mother board I'm looking at:

    However, I'm probably going to stay with a one card setup for the foreseeable future, so in either care SLI & CF don't really come into play. Budget honed in at, up to $325, instead of under $300.
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  7. I'll get more bang for my buck with a 1gb GTX 570 vs a 2bs 6970?
  8. 2gb 6950 reference and flash to 6970

    if you cant get the reference get the dirt3 edition 6950 which has nice cooling and can overclock past 6970 speeds
  9. ktryan said:
    I'll get more bang for my buck with a 1gb GTX 570 vs a 2bs 6970?

    They are pretty close in performance depending on the title one beats the other barely:

    Even with the 2GB there doesn't seem to be an advantage:
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