Changing CPU's - Will I need to update the BIOS?

My current CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 2M 2.8ghz (a)

What I'm switching to: Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 1M 3.2ghz (e) - (hyper threading).

Will I need to update the BIOS once I install this different cpu?
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  1. No just stick it in. This is not much of an upgrade though hope u didn't purchase that.

  2. You can use a program like CPU-z to see your current bios version and then check if it supports the cpu.

    Chances are it will not need an update as those are fairly close released cpus.

    If you had to update the bios, it would be best to do it before the new cpu is installed.

    Remember when swapping the cpu, you will need to apply new thermal paste to the heatsink if it does not have some pre-applied. You can NOT reuse the old thermal paste.
  3. Always update the bios to the most recent before installing a new CPU.

    If your system is socket 775, can it take a Core 2 Duo? That's a much better CPU than a Pentium 4.
  4. My computer is socket 478 :(. Also, this new will get me a tad more computing power (hyper threading), so it's worth it. I got the new CPU for a cheap price.
  5. Socket 478? Okay, well your options are limited. So long as it was cheap.

    I've got a 775 mobo I'll mail anyone for free if they'll pay shipping. I'm 69% certain that it works.

    But you'll probably want to rebuild your system sometime soon. a $250 laptop has significantly more power.
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