Problem connecting to internet

I haven't a clue as to what's going on here. I've been on the phone with my ISP several times and haven't found an answer that matches my problem anywhere.

This just recently started happening. The only thing that has changed physically is that they replaced the old 20 year old cable coming from the pole outside to the house. Everything else has worked fine in the past.

The problem:
While downloading torrents, my internet goes out. But, I'm still downloading torrents at full speed. I've tried pfing, lowering my number of connections, upload and dload speeds in utorrent. Nothing seems to work. I've even switch from ethernet to wifi to see if that would do anything................
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  1. if you are using a cable modem
    try typing in your address field of your browser
    that usually shows your cable modem stats

    and report back the numbers you are getting

    and I am assuming you are DL non copyrighted Torrents or open source like Linux Distros right? :)
  2. Information
    Standard Specification Compliant DOCSIS 2.0
    Hardware Version c104
    Software Version V4.4.2.2R06.2-RG

    Cable Modem Serial Number 1WL1027T00676
    CM certificate Installed
    System Up Time 0 days 07h:40m:08s
    Network Access Allowed
    Device IP Address
  3. Please edit out your mac address information by using the edit button in bottom right corner of post
    you never want to give your mac address out
    too easy to clone it
  4. what i am looking for looks like this

    Freq/Power: 711.000 MHz -3 dBmV
    Signal to Noise Ratio: 37 dB
    Modulation: QAM256

    Freq/Power: 36.200 MHz 54 dBmV
    Channel Type: DOCSIS 2.0 (ATDMA)

    Symbol Rate: 5120 kSym/sec

    Modulation: QAM64

    usually in the status part of cable modem menu
  5. Startup Procedure
    Procedure Status Comment
    Acquire Downstream Channel 543000000 Hz Locked
    Connectivity State OK Operational
    Boot State OK Operational
    Configuration File
    Security Enabled BPI+
    Downstream Channel 0
    Lock Status Locked Modulation QAM256
    Channel ID 53 Symbol rate 5360537 sym/sec
    Downstream Frequency 543000000 Hz Downstream Power -3.5 dBmV
    SNR 36.1 dBmV
    Upstream Channel
    Lock Status Locked Modulation QAM16
    Channel ID 2 Symbol rate 2560 Ksym/sec
    Upstream Frequency 28200000 Hz Upstream Power 47.5 dBmV
  6. your cable numbers are good
    from my knowledge they are fine

    do you use a router?

    also exactly how many torrents are you doing at a time LOL?
  7. king smp said:
    your cable numbers are good
    from my knowledge they are fine

    do you use a router?

    also exactly how many torrents are you doing at a time LOL?

    What I'm using is a Netgear Advanced Cable Modem Gateway CGD24G.
    It doesn't matter how many torrents I download or the speed and connections I restrict on them, it still messes up my internet access.
  8. strange
    I am not a super strong network guy
    I am thinking maybe it is the port that your torrent client is using
    what torrent software do you use?
    I use utorrent (for my non copyrighted material of course)
    works well and very lightweight (not a resource hog)
    try a different torrent client and see if you have same problem
  9. I use utorrent.

    I tried making my ip static and forwarding the port....still nothing....
  10. maybe you are getting throttled by your ISP?
    alot of weird stuff with ISPs nowadays

    might want to try a firmware upgrade on the Netgear if possible
  11. chances are its your isp disconnecting you. some monitor there services and limit or disable access to p2p traffic at certain times of the day or ban it all together.
    get on to them and ask them for a web addi that shows the T'Nc's and traffic management protocols... you may find that they do have heavy restrictions in place for people who go over the usage quota or use p2p.

    a quick email should sort this out.

    if you find that traffic management has nothing to do with it, you can ask them to run a diag on your line. the chances are they will find a problem. especially if you recently had a connection replaced.

    still have an issue? then try reinstalling your ethernet drivers.
  12. @ Hexit - Great advice- better than I can do- I dont think I am needed here if you got this one
  13. wasnt meaning to stand on yer toes m8... please feel free to jump in as different points of view will root out the problem quicker.
  14. NP
    It just sounds like you know more about the subject than me
    I will keep checking back to see if I can help
    It is all about helping the original poster
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