What to Test on New System?

Hi Folks, I completed my 1st build last week, with some very helpful advice from a few folks here. Very happy with it so far, but would like to know what (if any) benchmark or test programs it is advisable to run...

I used ATTO to test my SSD and that was great, helped me realize I'd connected it to a SATA II instead of III port. Fixed now...

I've heard of programs like Furmark for testing the video performance & GPU temp. May try that for the heck of it.

I'd also like to ensure the CPU cooling is adequate before getting into any heavy gaming & such... I went bargain on the hs (CM Hyper 212+) for now as I don't foresee getting into overclocking anytime soon. Is there anything you'd recommend I run to check to ensure the hs & fans are enough (and that my hs install job was up to par)? I can simply run a graphics intensive game & exit to Windows from time to time to check on the CPU temp in the "ASROCK Extreme Tuner" utility - or is there a better way to go about it?

Core-i7 2600K
ASROCK Z68 Extreme7 Gen3
16 Mb G.Skill Ripjaws
CM Hyper 212+
Corsair Force GT 120Gb SSD
Seagate ST3100 Tb hdd
Don't have a new monitor yet (getting that a month from now) - for the moment still making do with an old CRT limited to 1280X1024.

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  1. I use OCCT to check temperatures and voltages.
  2. OCCT, Prime 95 and Linpack will all do a good job of stree testing the system for stability.
  3. Great, tks folks.
  4. I ran the Prime 95 stress test for over half an hour. Within a few minutes the CPU temp was up to 55C-56C and the mobo 32C, but they stayed there for the duration of the test. Is this good enough?

    The 3 case fans are on an external controller. I found that turning them from highest to lowest during the test seemed to cause a difference of only 1C, which suggests to me that the CM Hyper 212+ is managing ok. (Although to be fair there is not that huge an rpm diff between the highest and lowest settings of the case fans).
  5. In addition to the Prime 95 test I ran the Furmark burn-in test @ 1280x1024. In Furmark the GPU temp maxed at 88C - is that too hot? The gpu fan was running at 73%, the case fans were set to max.
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