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1600 vs 2400 mhz 32gb RIVE

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October 2, 2012 5:50:22 PM


I am on the lookout for 4x 8gb sticks of ram for my RIVE.

Is this good?

Is there anything else for me to look out for?

Is 2400mhz worth it?

Suggestions please, I have gone through a lot of threads and its really confusing... please help

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a c 347 } Memory
October 2, 2012 6:05:01 PM

No and not in my rig, I sure wouldn't use DDR3-2400 in any density, and never with 8GB/stick density. The chances of stability are very slim without manually increasing the voltages (DRAM, VCCSA, & PLL) to unacceptable levels. Not to mention the gains are very small between DDR3-1600 vs DDR3-2400.

High Risk vs Minimal Rewards.
October 2, 2012 6:09:12 PM

Yes thats what I have come across on many threads, thanks for cofirming it, Please recommend what you think would be the best option brother.
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October 2, 2012 6:10:02 PM

Also should I go all out for 64gigs right away or can I buy 32 now and add 32 later (I read somewhere that adding later might cause issues)
a c 347 } Memory
October 2, 2012 6:38:12 PM

First, what are you doing that requires 32GB or 64GB of RAM? If you are rendering (anything) that can use all of that RAM 32GB or 64GB then I'd recommend an 8x8GB fully matched and fully rated i.e. they all work together and the XMP v1.3 kit that is tweaked for 64GB.

The tolerances of either Higher Density and/or Higher Frequency kits is not the same as 2GB or 4GB/stick kit or kits, and XMP is a lot deeper than (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-CR) and DRAM Voltage. Example look at this XMP -

As it is 8GB/stick kits are like a 'crap shoot' and quite often even at DDR3-1600 when they're in non-ECC form are difficult to keep fully stable. All RAM throws 1-2 errors per month with typical use, and proportional to the level of use plus Density, Frequency not to mention 'two kit(s)' adds even more errors.

Bottom-line, 64GB non-ECC is no guarantee and I've seen issues with every single kit.

64GB 8x8GB kits:
DDR3-1333 CMX64GX3M8A1333C9 -
DDR3-1333 F3-10666CL9Q2-64GBZL -
DDR3-1600 CMZ64GX3M8A1600C9 -

32GB 4x8GB kits:
DDR3-1600 Mushkin 994069 -
DDR3-1600 CMP32GX3M4X1600C10 -

Now mixing, yes it's mixing, two (2) kits of e.g. Mushkin 994069 or Corsair CMP32GX3M4X1600C10 is no guarantee that they'll work together and generally not using XMP by itself or all together. So if putting (2) kits together then either XMP and adjust voltages of (DRAM, VCCSA, & PLL) or totally manually and test (i.e. Memtest).
October 2, 2012 9:56:10 PM

Thanks for the detailed reply bro, yes I do some rendering work and thats why I need 32gigs of ram... Say I buy the mushkin now and 6 months down the lane I buy another 4 mushkin 8 gigs, will that work? The corsair vengeance 8x8 is affordable to me now, I can pick that up if thats what you suggest is my best bet...

Just to confirm, anything over 1600 can throw up errors and might, most probably not be stable right brother?
a c 347 } Memory
October 2, 2012 11:05:53 PM

Again, we are not discussing 'normal' here and 8GB/stick RAM ... well it's finicky ... all RAM throws errors. Yes, even ECC has errors, but the difference is ECC has the ability to correct its errors whereas non-ECC does not correct the errors. Therefore, the more volume of 'work' (processing) the higher the likelihood of an error, now some errors aren't any huge deal but some can halt or corrupt the entire process which is the reason I went to the trouble of mentioning it in the first place. 'IF' this is final production work then IMO Xeon + ECC and I prefer RDIMM.

As far as putting together (2) two identical kits of 4x8GB now and later the bigger risk is often IC's are different (updates, production runs, etc) but the P/N remains the same or the mixing issue as I already explained or worst a discontinued set.

Lets play the guessing game, say you purchase a 4x8GB set now and later you get the verbatim set 4x8GB, then there's no guarantee that they'll work as Rated nor in XMP -- so what do you do?! Well for starters try to increase some voltages and if needed set the (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-CR) manually but leaving the remaining CAS Timings as Auto which are are a tad slower i.e. safer <or> lower the Frequency DDR3-1600 -> DDR3-1333 <or> increase the CAS Timings (9-9-9-24 -> 10-10-10-30) ; example voltages:
DRAM -> (1.50v) -> 1.55v ; +0.05v
VCCSA -> (1.10v) -> 1.15v or (1.20v) -> 1.20v ; don't exceed 1.20v but you might increase the DRAM Phase control.
PLL -> (1.80v) -> 1.85v ; +0.05v

Then Memtest for a minimum of 4-full passes; I'd do 8-full passes or at least 24 hours. If you get >1 error then stop and reevaluate.

Testing, I treat a 'PC' differently than a 'Workstation' and essentially double the testing periods. PC: Memtest 4-passes, and AIDA64 (all stress options) 24 hours; Workstation: Memtest 8-passes (generally 24 hours straight), and AIDA64 (all stress options) 48 hours.

There's no such a thing as a simple answer, and if I'm around then PM (Private Message) me if you have any troubles and/or start a new Thread and let me in on it.

IMO 8GB/stick non-ECC isn't yet ready for 'prime time' and the IC's still need to be improved. That's the sole reason I'm running 32GB (DDR3L) instead of 64GB on my home PC. I use it to test and code SQL @ home. BTW - 'test' not final production which is entirely done on Xeon's and RDIMM ECC RAM.
October 2, 2012 11:31:47 PM

cursed4eva said:

I am on the lookout for 4x 8gb sticks of ram for my RIVE.

Is this good?

Is there anything else for me to look out for?

Is 2400mhz worth it?

Suggestions please, I have gone through a lot of threads and its really confusing... please help

G.Skill gaurantee 2400mhz speed if you have an i7 3770k with a certified board, yes there are differences sometime 20-30% performance depending on the application.

I recommend you read through this short article
October 3, 2012 9:26:39 AM

@redeemer so is this applicable to x79 as well?

@jaquith What brand would be my best bet to get working fine? (THanks a lot for your detailed explanations brother)
a c 347 } Memory
October 3, 2012 3:12:39 PM

I've been recommending the Mushkin 994069 for 32GB for some time and knock on wood no blow back from folks. Otherwise the Corsair CMD32GX3M4A1600C9, the Dominator series uses the cherry-picked IC's and they're more flexible -- in that they can be OC'ed if needed and/or operate outside of their Rated Frequency and CAS Timings meaning they can be 'made to work' if needed.