Help me choose, xeon 3.0ghz dual processor or core i3

hi, i wish to build a pc for gaming

the current budget i have for building a pc gives me 2 options

either i go for this processor

1. Intel Xeon HP xw6400
Intel Xeon 5160 3.0Ghz 4mb cache (2 Processor) 4 core total 8mb cache
SLI Motherboard 4 ram slots both 16x slot easily Convertible on any other casing
2GB DDR2 667 buss FB Dim heat sink and with ram cooler ( i will upgrade the ram to 4gb )
575watts Power supply with 4 rails and six pin

2. Processor: Intel Core i3 530 2.9 Ghz
Motherboard: P7h55V
RAM: Kingston 4gb ddr3
PSU: 550W
HDD: Segate 500GB

pls help me choose one of these pc's for gaming, i will buy a ati 5770 graphic card separately for either of the systems i buy

i want your expert advice to help me build a gaming pc among these 2
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  1. to be honest neither option is a good option. the first one has ddr2 ram which is expensive and old has an old cpu, has too little ram and the second has a sub par cpu bad ram as it is a mix of two ram brands and isnt any better then the xeon.

    tell us your budget and im positive we can get you going in the right direction.
  2. my budget allows me to be limited within 400$

    im getting a used pc
    now in 400$ i have these 2 options mentioned above

    and pls also tell me, from the gaming point of view, which do u think is better..
    1. the dual xeon 3.0ghz ddr2 2gb 8mb cache + 140$ ati 5770 graphic card for gaming
    2. core i3 2.9ghz 4mb cache 4gb ram ddr3 (i can get the rams replaced to make them of the same brand) with 5770 graphic card in that system already. This option gives me a better graphic card as well
  3. btw i have my thoughts on the core i3 bcoz it has a motherboard that allows me to easily upgrade to core i5 sandy bridge in the near future + a cpu cooler installed to keep the system cool. the issue of rams being a mixed brand is not a big deal, i can replace the samsung ram to the kingston one
  4. id definitely grab the i3 system, first thing i would do with that system is get a minimum of 4g (thought i think its triple channel so i guess it would have to be 6g?)
  5. yes.. thats exactly what im thinking.. getting in the i3 and upgrading ram to 4gb

    the way i see both options is this..

    pros and cons for xeon dual processor
    +better cpu performance (but since my focus is gaming, cpu performance i'd require is pretty basic)

    - not upgradeable easily bcoz of the motherboard
    - ddr2 rams

    pros and cons for core i3
    + decent 2.93ghz (will upgrade to core i5 in the near future easily as the mobo supports it)
    ddr3 rams (upgradeable to 16gb max)
    + a decent PSU and cpu cooler along with ati 5830 in it already

    - to b honest.. i dont see any cons in this one

    remember my focus is gaming
  6. It's dual channel so two sticks is what you want.

    Option 2 is better though its not good.
  7. dual channel, so two sticks is what i want ? what does that mean ?

    sorry for asking such a noob question but im not really good at computer language
  8. Correct, two sticks.

    I could explain the who multiple 64bit memory controller thing, but you probably don't want to learn. Just buy 2x4GBs or 2x2GB if you're strapped for cash.
  9. ahan i get it

    so i guess the better choice in this budget is core i3 then ?
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