AMD Gigabyte problems

I have Motherboard - GA-990FXA-UD3
Cpu - AMD Altlon II 645
Video Card- Gigabyte GTX-460 SC
Ram - Ripjaw 4gb 1600 (single but 2 more coming)
PSU - Antec Earthwatts 650w
Harddrive - Samsung 320gb and Crucial M4 64gb

I can't get it to stay running. The first time I started it, it worked great I installed Windows 8 and changed my ram so it would be 1600. I shut it off because I'm waiting on a wifi adapter so I can download some games. Anyway I was going to show my girlfriends dad how fast it starts windows (about ten secs btw) and it turned on and about ten secs later right back off.

Now I can't get it to stay on past lifting my finger from the power button and weird enough I have to reset the on/off switch or it wont turn on. The first time I "shut down" windows the screen went off but all the fans continued to run until I held the power button and it shut off. I can't figure out what the problem is I've tested everything I could. I have the mobo sitting on the static bag and still. Tried all 4 slots for the ram, tested the PSU with the green to black and it ran just fine. I reset CMOS by the battery over night. CPU never got past 37c

What could it be? Seems like the mobo? thats what i'm running into conclusion wise. Everything is brand new seems like a first kind of this problem? I searched all yesterday and today and finally decided to post.

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  1. I'd try re-seating the CP and heatsink. You can also use the PSU "paperclip trick" to eliminate case power on switch issues.
  2. I've tried both of those. The PSU worked and I've taken the CPU in and out a few times but still no go :/
  3. Do you have another PSU or RAM that you can try?
  4. Do not rest the mobo on the anti-static bag. It may be conductive. Rest it on a piece of cardboard. You could have a shorted device. Follow the sticky on bootup problems. Is the PSU plugged into a clean power source?
  5. Plugged into a Monster power strip. The Clean Power light is on? I will have more Ram in a couple days. I jumped it while it was plugged into the mobo and it turn on just fine but when I plugged my video card in it would only momentarily stay on. The PSU would Hiss? and when it wouldn't let me retry turning it on till it was done hissing. Maybe it doesn't work under power?
  6. Sounds like either the GPU is bad (possibly shorted) or the PSU is a rare bad one.
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