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I'm looking to do my first build with an AMD mobo with AM3+, and integrated graphics (IG). I want USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/sec, and I'd like to avoid UEFI BIOS (I keep these boxes for a long time and I want to be able to dual-boot Linux, which I can't do with UEFI, but this last wish is less important). I expect to use AMD FX-4100 CPU and 2x2 gig DDR-3 memory.

If I can't get integrated graphics, I have a backup plan in which I use an Asrock 990FX and the Radeon 6670 DDR3, but that's overkill for my use - I'd rather use integrated graphics.

It looked to me as if the 890GX with its IG would be what I want, but I can't find them anymore (Newegg shows two, and Elitegroup and a Foxconn). Is there a newer replacement for the 890GX with integrated graphics?
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  1. First of all why not use the FM2 socket??? The CPUs have onboard GPUs and are pretty damn good for non-intense use. THey are cheap asswell.

    Something like this :

    Almost all reliable motherboard manufacturers will have a UEFI bios for FM2 and AM3+. So i have no idea how you would get around that.
  2. use APUs. fx bulldozer sucks
  3. A75 fm2 motherboard for 75$
    A10-5800k for 130$
    this AMD APU has the fastest integrated graphics card and it is much more efficient than FX bulldozer and phenome II,also A10-5800 is faster than fx4100.
  4. Thanks, guys, but I want to stay with the layout in post #1.

    Any idea why I can't find the 890GX board? As in, did they work out well and are sold out, or they didn't work well and no one's making them anymore, or, possibly, after two years there's about to be a replacement?
  5. because they are out of production since AMD released liano(APUs) last year,trust me AMD APUs are the best option for you.
  6. You could go with this mobo and stick to your initial desires:

    The answer to its suitability is a matter of what you plan to do with this system. For this mobo, the integrated HD4290 is certainly not suited for gaming, but will be fine for general use and video playback.
  7. Beware buying an 8xx board. While it supports FX CPUs you might need a bios update to run it. Some 9xx even have this issue. You might need to find someone local who will loan you an old AMD CPU to boot the board to update the bios.

    And I'd double check the APU idea.
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    Jack15911 said:
    Thanks, guys, but I want to stay with the layout in post #1.

    Any idea why I can't find the 890GX board?

    You cannot find boards with motherboard-integrated graphics for AM2/AM3 because that market has moved to much faster CPU-integrated graphics on the FM1/FM2 socket.
  9. Thanks, I think I'm beginning to understand now. Searching Newegg "onboard graphics" option led me to believe that FM1/2 had no integrated graphics, and from there I assumed the new AM-line of sockets were the newest and therefore the "future." I see now that AMD is using a branching strategy and that APU and FM1/2 is the the branch I need. We can, therefore, end this thread as the original question made less sense than I thought it did when I originally posted it.

    I will undoubtedly have additional questions regarding APU once I have done some research. Thanks for leading me out of the forest.
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