Already own the GTX 560TI but...

how long do you think this card will be great?

i plan to upgrade my monitor soon. my current monitor(while great in its own right)can only do a max res of 1600x900. do you think i'll be able to max games like bf3, metro last light, skyrim, arkham city etc on the 560TI on this monitor at 50FPS+?

current setup

i72600K 3.4ghz(want to OC to 4.0 but i don't know much about it and tutorials i've seen confuse me lol)
Hyper 212 Fan
ASUS Sabertooth R3 P67
8GB Cosair Vengance
Corsair Professional Series HX750 PSU

based on all that, if i DID get the 580 in a couple of month or so, would i need to upgrade anything?
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  1. That motherboard is SLI-ready. Another 560TI would give you a little bit better performance than a single 580.
  2. What's the resolution of the monitor you want to buy? If it's over 1080p you probably won't max out these games with 50+FPS, but the 580 would. I think in few months the new 28nm cards will be released, so maybe you should wait for them if your GTX560Ti won't be enough.
  3. i've looked at a few monitors. i'm just not sure i have a set one in mind just yet.

    TOPS i'll go 1080p because i like the way my games look now at 1600x900 lol

    i'm pretty simple so i don't need any sort of crazy resolution. 1080p seems great for me.
  4. i suppose i'd save myself a considerable amount of money if i just bought another of the same card. can anyone give me a run down of what type of performance i'd see over a single 580 in comparison to two 560TI's
  5. 1600x900 is an awsome resolution, no need to upgrade your monitor, unless you wan to watch 1080p movies. Nevertheless, you may end up playing at 1600x900 anyway.

    Your card will be greatfor some time, when you feel the need to upgrade, simply get a new one and SLI, the card will be like $50

    this monitor seems like a great choice. still undecided, but i'm about ready to pull the trigger on that one.

    although two 560TI's would give me =to or slightly better performance than one gtx 580, i i love the single card solution. i think i'll roll with that.

    now my question to some of you is, aside from the new card, am i going to need anything else for the setup? is my power supply worthy enough of swapping out the 560ti for one 580 without having to buy any extra cables etc...
  7. 2 GTX560Tis will be a lot faster than a single 580. Your PSU is fine
  8. shrkbay said:
    2 GTX560Tis will be a lot faster than a single 580. Your PSU is fine

    does the 580 not have more memory? wouldn't that serve me better at higher resolutions?
  9. In theory more RAM at higher resolutions should make a difference but take a look at any review and you'll find it hardly makes a difference. Otherwise, we'd see a 3GB 580 blowing away at 1.5 GB at 2560x1600 or a 6970 w/2GB well ahead of a 570 w/1.2GB, but that's hardly the case:

    2 560s will get you about 1.3-1.5 580s worth of performance. That's pretty darn good.
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