WTF Happen - OS issue or Hardware

Ok, I just recently built my pc last Thursday and everything has been running great posted and booted up without any problems (computer setup and hardware below). So the last couple of days i have been installing all my programs. So, tonight I realize my online backup program (ASUS Webstorage) wasnt running after trying to get to start I thought a restart might fix it and that is the only thing I noticed wrong. The computer shut down and was booting but then windows went into a startup repair but couldnt fix anything did this several times and wouldnt allow me to boot into windows itself.

I checked the bios to make sure hardware was recognized and everything checked out. After a while I put the installation disc in see if I could get windows to repair that, but then I find out some how my OS partition has changed from C drive to E and windows cant locate anything from the OS. I figured I will reinstall windows my data is on another partition is should be fine and the reason for hasty action is i spent 5 hrs earlier today working on a hw assignment. Windows installed i check to see if my data was on the other partition pulled it off checked it on another computer and of course that hw assignment file is corrupted. I dont know if any of my other data is corrupted or if i was just that one file since i was just working on it.

So, here's my question was this just some fluke software corruption or did my hardware screw up? I'm leaning more towards software but wanted some other opinions and I know its hard to determine the actual cause without seeing it.

Hardware Setup
Mobo: Asus Sabertooth P67
CPU: I7-2600k
Heat Sink: Cooler Master hyper 212+
Ram: 4x 4gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
HDD: 2x Samsung Spin F1 1TB
Optical: Asus DVD drive
Case: HAF 932 advanced

No overclocking
Raid setup 1 (mirror image... Alot of good that did for this case lol)
HDD partition C - OS/programs B - data
Also I have been monitoring temps since this was my first build - temps around 35C with word, internet and itunes

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like HDD failure.

    However, RAID0 isn't mirror, RAID0 is striping (one big volume). If you wanted backup/mirroring you need RAID1.
  2. That was a typo. It is RAID 1. (I only have access to 1tb of memory with this setup). What is the easiest way of checking to see which hdd is bad?
  3. simonb530 said:
    That was a typo. It is RAID 1. (I only have access to 1tb of memory with this setup). What is the easiest way of checking to see which hdd is bad?

    The easiest way would be to take it out of raid, and unplug one of the drives and try to boot. If the first one fails, it is bad. Plug in the other and it should boot into windows. Replace the bad drive and rebuild the array.

    Good luck
  4. This Windows corruption and C to E thing happened with me. I wasn't even able to reinstall windows. System Restore fixed the issue, not a hardware problem at all, caused by windows updates probably.
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