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I've got an Athlon 1Ghz on the KT7-Raid motherboard, together with a Creative-GeForce2MX(AGP) videocard and Soundblaster Live!Value. The problem i'm experiencing is when i'm watching movie, no matter if its VCD/DVD(PowerDVD) or even Realplayer stream movies, the computer freeze after
10-15min. Does anyone know what's could be causing the problem? Could it be an incompatibility issue or just some driver issue?

Could anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. The other thing i forgot to mention was that the same problem occurs when i'm playing back files (.mpg, .dat...)
    It seems that i cannot be watching any movie files/disc for too long (no longer than 15-20mins), otherwise it will just lockup.

    Also when it freezes, everything else seems to be still working. e.g. music still playing, transfer still going...
    its just the mouse, keyboard, and the screen.

    I'm thinking this could be the video card problem! Creative GeForece2 MX (AGP) with the nVidia Detonator3 driver installed. Could this be the problem?
  2. Same problem/computer here except 800mhz processor. Any help would be cool.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  3. silly suggestion... but is it possible that you're not moving the mouse/keyboard while watching the movie? If ANY sort of sleep/suspend/powersave mode tries to engage while playing the movie, maybe it gets into some sort of mixup...

    I know on my Laptop I have to move something every 25 minutes to prevent it from freezing -- the system actually freezes, nothing I can do... the picture appears and the sound goes, but no control...

    maybe try disabling all the sleep timers or just move the mouse around while watching?

    my 0.5 cents :)
  4. I would love if the answer was so simple. However, it's not, for me anyway, but I appreciate even the most mundane answers, because as complex as problems seem, they always seem to go away when you plug the damn thing in.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  5. yeah, I feared that it wasn't so simple... that's why I didn't charge the customary 2 cents:)
  6. not sure if I can help you but a question: do you use M$ netmeeting 3?
    especially the desktop sharing function?
    let me explain why I ask that:

    I had a similar problem like you describe (and a sack full of others). btw. I have a ATI All-in-wonder card in my computer but that wasn't the source of the problem.
    my DVD's most times didn't even go further then after the copyright warning or the first 10 min. DivX;-) movies did run but often froze suddenly and so on. I couldn't even change the video resolution. always got an access error 'device already in use'.
    I tried everything to solve the problem. even formating the C-drive and installing windows freshly. after installing all programs the problem was still there. so I installed win98se for the sixth (yes 6!) time when I had the idea to check the whole system after every driver/program installed.
    and this is where I came to notice that after installing netmeeting 3 and enabeling the desktop sharing that my problems started. I used the desktop sharing to control the computer remotely via my notebook. I don't use it anymore and have no problems since. everything is running smoothly.

    maybe you're running a programm on your machine that conflicts in a similar way. if nothing helps try to reinstall windows from scratch and all the progs you use and test after each other prog you install.
    I don't say that it will help 100% but it worked for me.

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