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Hey guys, I have a new pc and as a result am trying to move my files from my laptop over to the pc. The laptop is running XP and the PC is Windows 7.

On the laptop, which can see my pc just fine, I have enabled sharing on the appropriate folders; however when I open up the network on my pc, my pc does not recognize my laptop as a computer, only as a "device" and when I open it up, I only get a properties box with mac address info and stuff like that.

No option to view shared folders, sharing options, anything like that.
I tried Windows Easy Transfer, but since I dont have a shared folder that is working, I cant install the Easy Transfer version on the XP machine.

Any suggestions/ideas/ better ways to transfer the files?
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  1. There are known problems when mixing XP and Win7 networking.

    If all else fails you could move the files via DVDs or a really large memory stick.
  2. Thanks. I was finally able to figure it out, had to ignore what I saw on the screen and just use command lines. Thank god for cmd.
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