BlueScreen While Browsing web?

I currently have my processor overclocked but im 99.9% Positive that's not the problem because I ran prime95 for over an hour and no blue screen. It only happens when im browsing the internet it seems like. I have a minidump file it created but i have no clue how to read it though and it wont let me upload it
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  1. an hour of prime 95 is not a long time in my opinion to call your overclock stable,
    i would run at least two hours, ive had instability not occur until after that,
    i would also run the three different prime 95 stress tests, small, large and blend,
    ive been stable for over two hours on blend test and fail after only a few minutes on one of the others
  2. are you using firefox as a browser?
  3. I use Opera/Internet Explorer and I ran prime95 Blend test for an hour an a half no problems. Like i said Im getting bluescreens randomly while browsing the internet. I have the minidump file but i dont know how to read them and it wont let me upload it.

    Here is my Setting in bios below....

    Cpu Ratio 12.5
    Amd Turbo Cure Technology Disabled
    Cpu Bus Frequency 300
    PCIE Frequency 100
    Dram Frequency 1600mhz
    Cpu/NB frequency Auto
    HT Link Speed Auto
    Dram Timing Config - Default
    Dram Driving Config- Default

    Cpu & NB Voltage Mode MANUAL
    Cpu Offset Voltage 1.36
    CPU/NB Voltage 1.150 -Default Voltage<
    Dram Voltage 1.50000- Default Voltage<
    HT Voltage-Auto
    NB Voltage Auto

    Cpu Load Line Calibration [Enabled]

    Cpu/NB Load-Line Calibration [AUTO]

    Cpu Spread Spectrum [Disabled]

    PCIE Spead Spectrum [Disabled]
  4. based on what i'm looking at i'd advise you to: disable llc, and raise your cpu/nb to 1.2 . if you're using a phenom 955+ chip anyway, because you didn't supply many details. i'm just assuming you are using a phenom. if you're not don't bother applying this.
  5. Im Using a 1055t Six core with a m4a87td EVO ASUS motherboard, 1600 DDR3 Gskill ram.

    By the way Why would i Disable LLC? explain why please.
  6. Simple question: Whats the Blue Screen STOP code or error message?
  7. I Honestly Don't remember I think the bccode was 124. Is there a way to read MiniDUMP files ?
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