Will this PSU be suitable for an MSI R6950 graphics card?


XFX ProSeries 550W PSU
Cables & Connectors .....
EZ Grip Connectors:
Gold Plated Connectors:
24/20 Pin:
CPU 4+4 Pin:
CPU 8-Pin:
PCI-E 6 Pin:
PCI-E 6+2 Pin:
Cable Shielding:

The link above is the power supply I have ordered, but it is not in the certified recommended list on the AMD site.
I only just found THAT list.. oops.

If anyone can check the spec for me id be extremely grateful? it's probably right in front of me, but im new to upgrading :??:

below is a link to the card..


MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III PE/OC
comes with

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. Yes it will be good. 550w are enough.
  2. yeah more then enough even if you go as high as a gtx 580 it will be fine
  3. thanks for replies..
    ive installed them both now.. and all was working fine, then after a shutdown on restarting PC the card had a red led light up on it and beeped quite a few times and I had no display after that.

    Took it out, put it back in.. seemed ok.

    then it did it again.

    Ive since took it out, put it back in and come on here, so far, its working and the LED is off.

    but do you have any idea what would have caused that?
    im assuming it may happen again on restart.

    I have an M-audio firewire 410 plugged in too, so that draws power, but all was fine when i had a 350W PSU in PC. (that was without the graphics card of course)
  4. what card did you have before this one
  5. I had an Nvidia GT 220
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