Make a new pc with windows xp + i5 processor

plz..suggest me which best comeblety hardware in windows xp using i5 processor & asus motherboard Asus GTX 460

1-which i5 processor
2-which asus motherbord
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  1. use windows 7.

    i5 3570k if you are overclocking
    i5 3470 if you are not

    asrock h77m motherboard if you are not overclocking
    asus z77-v LK or z77-v pro if you are overclocking.

    the motherboard choice totally depends on your budget and needs
  2. i have one more option for windows xp


    1-which amd processor

    2-which asus motherbord
  3. i dont see the point of xp. i wont suggest amd processors at the moment. they are all mediocre
  4. Why would you use XP? Its a completely obsolete OS. Nobody uses XP and no developers makes any more software for it. All of them are towards Windows 7 and 8.

    Besides building a new PC with XP is a terrible choice. You can't use more than 4gb of ram since XP limits it.
  5. Two questions:

    1: Why go for XP?
    2: Why only ASUS?

    There may be some software that requires XP, but very little. There are also other good motherboards out there besides ASUS; Gigabyte and ASRock come to mind.
  6. there is always windws 7 pro which has xp mode
  7. XP security support expires pretty soon, so you really need to go to 7 or later.
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